Navigating Emotions: Expert Support for Today’s Teen Challenges.

The members of Gen Z face enormous challenges in our fast-changing and ever-evolving world. Now, more than ever, teens need to develop the ability to experience, identify, and regulate their emotions.

I have years of experience working with young people as a mental health counselor, instructor, and mentor. My approach is based on the principles of social-emotional learning (SEL). I help my teen clients better understand themselves and their emotions, and guide them in the development of healthy social skills. The goal is to optimize emotional regulation and to empower the teen to make healthy decisions.


Perspective taking – the ability to keep things in proportion and see the world through another person’s eyes…these are the cornerstone of empathy.

Assertiveness – standing up for yourself without stepping on anyone else’s toes…this includes resisting negative peer pressure while developing the skills to be a positive influence on others.

Identity development – figuring out who you are as you navigate different social roles – family member, friend, student – and having it all add up to an integrated sense of who you are.


Emotional awareness – recognizing and naming emotions and the things that trigger them – you can’t “use your words” if you don’t have them.

Emotional regulation – experience emotions without being overwhelmed by them or surrendering to them.

Self-soothing – feeling better without screens or substances.

Social & Emotional Learning

My book on social and emotional learning was written for educators, but it gives a good overview of the topic and my approach to it. You can read the first chapter of the book here.

Adult Attachment Interview (AAI)

I am trained to administer and interpret the Adult Attachment Interview, and I’ve been rated as a highly reliable interpreter of the AAI by its creators.

The AAI can be used with older teens – those aged 16 and above. The AAI provides valuable insight on how early childhood experiences affect current emotions and emotional regulation skills. This can help us…

If you are interested in adding the AAI to your teen’s treatment plan, please indicate that when you contact me.

Please note: Taking the AAI can be a powerfully moving experience. Because of this, I only administer it in person at my Laguna Beach location.