Recovery and Relapse Prevention

Recovery Journey: Reclaiming Care and Connection Beyond Addiction

We live in a consumer culture.

We seek comfort and relief through shopping, scrolling, eating, gambling…and the use of drugs and alcohol. Too often, the temporary relief offered by consumption gives way to debilitating dependence. This can corrode our innate instinct to receive and give care and damage our closest relationships.

While addiction is everywhere in our culture, no two cases are exactly alike, and there is no single path to recovery.

My approach to addiction counseling is to…
My approach to addiction counseling is to first reduce the harm caused by substance use. This means changing our relationship with alcohol, drugs, and other harmful habits.

I also recognize that, for many people, the only safe relationship with alcohol or drugs is to cut those substances out of their lives.

I use a variety of tools to help those with addictions recover their best life, including…

Motivational Interviewing – to cultivate the desire, ability, and reasons to change.

12-Step Facilitation – to help those who chose this path to get the most from AA.

Relapse Prevention – tools to avoid falling back into unhealthy habits.

Couples and Family Counseling – strengthening bonds essential to recovery.